Pizza Hut Menu with Prices in Canada 2023

If you’re someone who loves pizza, then the Pizza Hut menu in Canada is a famous and popular choice. They offer a wide variety of signature pizzas on their menu, including Margherita pizza, supreme pizza, pepperoni pizza, and many other delicious options at affordable prices that will make your taste buds happy. So you can enjoy your favorite pizza without breaking the bank.

Pizza Hut Prices (October 2023)

Pizza Hut’s menu has more than just delicious pizzas they also offer a wide variety of pasta dishes, chicken wings, and tasty desserts that can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Whether you’re looking for something spicy or something healthier, Pizza Hut will not disappoint you.

If you want to enjoy sandwiches, and burgers in Canada, then you must check out the latest Swiss Chalet Menu. Here’s the latest Pizza Hut menu with prices for 2023 in Canada.

Pizza Hut Featured items

Menu ItemsPrices
Boneless Bites$10.99
12″ Medium Pepperoni Lover’s$19.99
9″ Small Cheese Lover’s®$14.99
Cheesy Pull-Aparts$7.99
9″ Small Pepperoni Lover’s$14.99
12″ Medium Create Your Own$14.99
Cinnabon® Mini Rolls$8.99
Regular Creamy Chicken Alfredo$11.99
14″ Large Pepperoni Lover’s$25.99
Mozzarella Sticks$11.49
Pizza Hut Featured items

Pizza Hut Limited Time Only

Menu ItemsPrices
Meat Lover’s Melt$10.49
Pepperoni Lover’s Melt$10.49
Chicken Bacon Alfredo Melt$10.49
Mushroom Onion Alfredo Melt$10.49
Flatbread – Italian Meats$7.99
Create your Own Flatbread$7.99
Flatbread – Veggie$7.99
Flatbread – Chicken and Mushroom$7.99
Tropical Heat Melt$10.49
Flatbread – Beyond Italian Sausage Alfredo$7.99
Flatbread – Hawaiian Crown$7.99
Pizza Hut Limited Time Only

Pizza Hut 14″ Large Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrices
14″ Large Pepperoni Lover’s$25.99
14″ Large Create Your Own$18.99
14″ Large Meat Lover’s®$25.99
14″ Large Supreme Lover’s®$25.99
14″ Large Cheese Lover’s®$25.99
14″ Large BBQ Chicken$25.99
14″ Large The Great “Beyond”$25.99
14″ Large Veggie Lover’s®$25.99
14″ Large Chicken Caesar$25.99
14″ Large Hawaiian$25.99
14″ Large Smokey Maple Bacon$25.99
14″ Large Canadian$25.99
14″ Large Chicken Lover’s®$25.99
14″ Large Super Supreme Lover’s®$25.99
14″ Large Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$25.99
14″ Large Italian Classic$25.99
14″ Large Triple Crown$25.99
14″ Large Grilled Chicken Rustico$25.99
14″ Large Margherita$25.99
Pizza Hut 14″ Large Pizzas

Pizza Hut 12″ Medium Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrices
12″ Medium Pepperoni Lover’s$19.99
12″ Medium Create Your Own$14.99
12″ Medium Cheese Lover’s®$19.99
12″ Medium Hawaiian$19.99
12″ Medium Triple Crown$19.99
12″ Medium Veggie Lover’s®$19.99
12″ Medium Super Supreme Lover’s®$19.99
12″ Medium BBQ Chicken$19.99
12″ Medium Meat Lover’s®$19.99
12″ Medium Smokey Maple Bacon$19.99
12″ Medium Canadian$19.99
12″ Medium Supreme Lover’s®$19.99
12″ Medium Margherita$19.99
12″ Medium Chicken Caesar$19.99
12″ Medium Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$19.99
12″ Medium Chicken Lover’s®$19.99
12″ Medium Italian Classic$19.99
12″ Medium Grilled Chicken Rustico$19.99
12″ Medium The Great “Beyond”$19.99
Pizza Hut 12″ Medium Pizzas

Pizza Hut 9″ Small Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrices
9″ Small Pepperoni Lover’s$14.99
9″ Small Cheese Lover’s®$14.99
9″ Small Create Your Own$11.49
9″ Small Hawaiian$14.99
9″ Small Veggie Lover’s®$14.99
9″ Small Meat Lover’s®$14.99
9″ Small BBQ Chicken$14.99
9″ Small Triple Crown$14.99
9″ Small Super Supreme Lover’s®$14.99
9″ Small Supreme Lover’s®$14.99
9″ Small Smokey Maple Bacon$14.99
9″ Small Chicken Caesar$14.99
9″ Small Italian Classic$14.99
9″ Small Chicken Lover’s®$14.99
9″ Small Margherita$14.99
9″ Small Grilled Chicken Rustico$14.99
9″ Small The Great “Beyond”$14.99
9″ Small Canadian$14.99
9″ Small Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$14.99
Pizza Hut 9″ Small Pizzas

Pizza Hut 6″ Personal Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrices
6″ Personal Pepperoni Lover’s$6.99
6″ Personal Create Your Own$4.49
6″ Personal Hawaiian$6.99
6″ Personal Cheese Lover’s®$6.99
6″ Personal Veggie Lover’s®$6.99
6″ Personal Super Supreme Lover’s®$6.99
6″ Personal BBQ Chicken$6.99
6″ Personal Supreme Lover’s®$6.99
6″ Personal Chicken Caesar$6.99
6″ Personal Chicken Lover’s®$6.99
6″ Personal Margherita$6.99
6″ Personal The Great “Beyond”$6.99
6″ Personal Grilled Chicken Rustico$6.99
6″ Personal Triple Crown$6.99
6″ Personal Smokey Maple Bacon$6.99
6″ Personal Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$6.99
6″ Personal Meat Lover’s®$6.99
6″ Personal Italian Classic$6.99
6″ Personal Canadian$6.99
Pizza Hut 6″ Personal Pizzas

XL Panormous® Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrices
XL Panormous® Meat Lover’s®$28.99
XL Panormous® Chicken Lover’s®$28.99
XL Panormous® Veggie Lover’s®$28.99
XL Panormous® Pepperoni Lover’s$28.99
XL Panormous® Supreme Lover’s®$28.99
XL Panormous® Create Your Own$23.99
XL Panormous® Hawaiian$28.99
XL Panormous® Chicken Caesar$28.99
XL Panormous® BBQ Chicken$28.99
XL Panormous® Super Supreme Lover’s®$28.99
XL Panormous® The Great “Beyond”$28.99
XL Panormous® Canadian$28.99
XL Panormous® Cheese Lover’s®$28.99
XL Panormous® Triple Crown$28.99
XL Panormous® Smokey Maple Bacon$28.99
XL Panormous® Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$28.99
XL Panormous® Margherita$28.99
XL Panormous® Grilled Chicken Rustico$28.99
XL Panormous® Italian Classic$28.99
XL Panormous® Pizzas

Pizza Hut Wings

Menu ItemsPrices
Boneless Bites$10.99
Pizza Hut Wings

Pizza Hut Pasta

Menu ItemsPrices
Regular Creamy Chicken Alfredo$11.99
Regular Meaty Marinara$11.99
Regular Beyond Creamy Alfredo$11.99
Large Creamy Chicken Alfredo$18.99
Regular Mediterranean Vegetable$11.99
Large Meaty Marinara$18.99
Large Mediterranean Vegetable$18.99
Large Beyond Creamy Alfredo$18.99
Regular Mediterranean con Pollo$13.98
Large Mediterranean con Pollo$22.98
Pizza Hut Pasta

Pizza Hut Sides

Menu ItemsPrices
Regular Breadsticks$6.99
Mozzarella Sticks$11.49
Cheesy Pull-Aparts$7.99
Regular Garlic Bread$4.49
Large Breadsticks$9.99
Onion Rings$6.99
Large Garlic Bread$6.49
Pizza Hut Sides

Pizza Hut Dessert

Menu ItemsPrices
Cinnabon® Mini Rolls$8.99
Hershey’s® Chipits® Triple Chocolate Brownie$8.99
S’more Please$8.99
Ultimate Hershey’s® Chipits® Cookie$8.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough®$8.99
Chocolate Fudge Brownie$8.99
Half Baked®$8.99
Pizza Hut Dessert

Updated Pizza Hut Menu

Pizza Hut menu in Canada is always updated with the passage of time. They have introduced some new and exciting pizza toppings and flavorful combinations for their customers to explore taste.

In addition to expanding its pizza offerings, Pizza Hut updated menu also has items like delicious appetizers, including loaded fries and cheesy garlic breadsticks. Here are some images of the updated Pizza Hut menu along with prices in Canada.

updated Pizza Hut menu prices in Canada
updated Pizza Hut menu prices in Canada

Meat Lover’s Pizza

Meat Lover’s Pizza is spicy and healthy pizza for meat lovers at Pizza Hut menu. This pizza is perfect combination meat and tortilla that contains about 250 calories per single medium size. With the melted cheese topping and seasoning elements, the pizza provides not only an additional creaminess but also an enhanced flavor.

Whether you enjoy the Meat Lovers Pizza alone or with family and friends, it is one of the most popular pizzas you can find. Raffaele Esposto was who was given credit for making this first pizza. 

Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza
Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza

Supreme Pizza

Supreme Pizza classic and best-selling pizza of pizza hut menu which is best known for its bold flavors and the perfect combination of flavor ingredients. A generous layer of gooey mozzarella cheese over the vibrant tomato sauce provides the base of the dish.

Adding a layer of melted cheese to the mixture adds a touch of taste to this flavorful dish. It was first time introduced in the 1960s. About 300 calories are present in a single size of supreme pizza but it may vary on location to location.

Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza
Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza

Stuffed Crust Pizza

Stuffed Crust Pizza is one of the popular pizzas of pizza hut menuis a game-changer pizza in the world of pizza that offers a twist on the classic pizza experience. This innovative take adds an additional layer of melted cheese, creating a satisfying contrast between textures and flavors.

Because of this, it is said that stuffed crust pizza offers a delightful dining experience to pizza enthusiasts with its crisp outer crust . It was first time introduced in 1995. About 330 calories are present in a single slice.

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza
Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza

About Pizza Hut Canada

Pizza Hut is an American multinational chain of fast-food restaurants that is established in 1958, by two brothers Dan and Frank Carney. First restaurant was opened in Wichita (a city in Kansas). The company specializes in serving mouth-watering and nourishing pizzas.

Pizza Hut opened its doors in Canada in 1968. Rapidly it expanded its outlets in the world. They are not only serving pizzas but also other delicious fast food items including burgers, fries, beverages, sides, and desserts. Further, a beautiful atmosphere and expert chefs make every dining remarkable.

Pizza Hut Restaurant
Pizza Hut Restaurant


What types of pizza crust does Pizza Hut offer?

Pizza Hut offers a variety of crust options, including Original Pan, Hand-Tossed, Thin ‘N Crispy, and Stuffed Crust. You can choose the one that best suits your preference.

Are there vegetarian or vegan pizza options on the menu?

Yes, Pizza Hut offers a range of vegetarian and vegan pizzas, including options with plant-based cheese and a variety of veggie toppings.

Can I customize my pizza with specific toppings?

Absolutely! Pizza Hut allows you to customize your pizza with a wide selection of toppings, from classic choices like pepperoni and mushrooms to specialty options like buffalo chicken and pineapple.

Do you offer gluten-free pizza crusts for customers with dietary restrictions?

Pizza Hut provides gluten-free pizza crust options at select locations. Please check with your local restaurant for availability.

What sides and appetizers are available on the menu?

Pizza Hut’s menu includes a variety of sides and appetizers, such as garlic knots, breadsticks, chicken wings, and more.

Are there special deals or promotions available for ordering multiple items or combo meals?

Yes, Pizza Hut often has special deals, combo meals, and promotions available, so be sure to check the current offers on their website or app.

Can I place an order for delivery or takeout online or through the app?

Yes, Pizza Hut offers online ordering and has a mobile app for easy and convenient ordering for both delivery and takeout.

What dessert options does Pizza Hut offer?

Pizza Hut’s dessert menu includes favorites like Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, Cinnabon Mini Rolls, and more.

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